ACN mourns the death of sister Pauline Kiyala in Congo Brazzaville

With heavy hearts Aid to the Church in Need is saddened to inform that Sister Pauline Kiyala, of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, passed away on February 2nd in a car accident while traveling to Owando to attend the investiture of the new archbishop.

Sister Pauline was the director of Sainte Odile School in Dongou, and she was well known to Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), which supported her in 2023 with the construction of new classrooms to help Catholic education in Congo, where there are very few Catholic schools due to repression and measures against the Church by the socialist government of the 1960s.

The ACN project manager for Congo Brazzaville, Maxime Francois-Marsal just met her during a trip in December 2023 and visited the newly completed school with her. They were driving the same car that was involved in the accident leading to Sister Pauline’s passing.

Her funeral took place on Tuesday, February 13 in Brazzaville. ACN asks for prayers for her family and congregation.


By Maria Lozano.

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