ACN supports the Church in its abuse prevention efforts. For example, ACN sponsors courses around the world on the topic of safeguarding, in which priests and religious are trained to recognise and prevent sexual abuse and other forms of abuse of minors and wards.

ACN works closely with the Institute of Anthropology Interdisciplinary Studies on Human Dignity and Care at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, among others, to offer safeguarding courses. A main focus of these courses is the detection of abuse, so that it can be identified as early as possible. As a precondition for competent care, the devastating consequences of abuse on victims are taught. The aim is to learn effective measures, both in the prevention of abuse cases and in the treatment of suspected cases, e.g. in order to avoid a cover-up of abuse.

Our project partners only receive aid from ACN after submitting a written commitment to safeguarding. This aid is withdrawn if possible or actual cases of abuse are not adequately pursued.

Safeguarding requirements also apply to ACN’s own employees, who are required to comply with ACN’s safeguarding guidelines.

In case of any complaints or suggestions, please contact our safeguarding contact persons with absolute confidentiality:

Ms. Barbara Rettig, email:, phone: +49 6174 291-211

Mr. Reinhard Backes, email:, phone: +49 6174 291-213