Scholarship Program in Europe and Canada (IFHIM)

ACN International offers scholarships in the form of partial scholarships for postgraduate courses in theology and philosophy at ecclesiastical faculties and universities, primarily in Europe, that are not available in our project partners’ home regions, as well as for safeguarding courses at the Institute of Anthropology (IADC) at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

By whom and for whom can scholarships be requested?

Bishops and religious superiors of orders or congregations may request a scholarship for the benefit of priests, members of their community or lay people. Beneficiaries: in particular future formators in the seminary, novice masters, personnel of ecclesiastical tribunals as well as formators and officers in the field of safeguarding.

What are the rules for awarding scholarships and how do I apply?

The rules for awarding scholarships are listed in the fact sheet “Guidelines for awarding scholarships” ([link to fact sheet/rules]) – Please read them carefully before applying! In order to be able to examine a scholarship application, we need the completed application form with all necessary documents [link to application form] before: March 1st – applications by E-Mail only:

For studies in Germany, Austria, Poland and Rome (scholarship candidates from anglophone countries of origin):, Elisabeth Dulai, Administrative Assistant

For studies in France, Belgium (Lumen Vitae), Spain, Portugal, Canada (IFHIM) or in Rome (scholarship candidates from Romance-speaking countries of origin):, Sigrid Dapper, Administrative Assistant

For studies in Belgium (KU Leuven), Spain, Portugal:, Patricia González-Orbegoso, Administrative Assistant.

To what must you pay attention?

Please compile the required documents in the order given (see application form) in one coherent PDF document. Please do not forget signatures and seals.

How long is the processing time?

After receiving and registering an application, we will send a confirmation of receipt. Due to the large number of applications received, the processing time is at least three months, starting on 1 March. Please refrain from inquiring about the processing status.

Contact person for scholarships:, Julian Löffler, Head of the Scholarship Section

+49 (0) 6174 291 207

Forms for ongoing scholarships:

Form bank details

Form scholarship renewal


Scholarship Program in Europe and Canada (IFHIM)