Media support for the propagation of faith

Behind the Catholic Radio & Television Network (CRTN) is a modern production studio specialising in reports and documentaries on the Catholic Church in remote areas. The broadcasts primarily serve to support evangelisation eforts and promote solidarity with the sufering Church. Additionally, they further publicise the work of Aid to the Church in Need. Through our network, we provide our productions to TV stations around the world.

In 2023, we produced 192 television programmes to spread the faith.

Mark von Riedemann, Director of Public Afairs and Religious Freedom
The CRTN YouTube channel, which currently has more than 3.2 million views
The CRTN YouTube channel, which currently has more than 3.2 million views

In 2023, the studio produced a total of 192 TV programmes in all language versions, which were then broadcast on 185 channels. With documentaries, interviews and short films, the programmes reach an audience of tens of millions worldwide. In addition to production and distribution, CRTN also supports a number of worldwide TV distribution initiatives through consulting and programming services.

What’s more, CRTN established the global Catholic television resource network 20 years ago, which gives Catholic producers and television stations the opportunity to facilitate the presentation, exchange and distribution of Catholic programmes worldwide. In addition, we have compiled a web catalogue containing 597 productions. In 2023, 327 producers and 178 television stations used this service, which is unique in the Church. A CRTN newsletter, a CRTN Facebook page and the CRTN YouTube channel with 15,800 followers round out our media service.

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