Our organisational structure

Mauro Cardinal Piacenza President

Mauro Cardinal Piacenza President

The Supervisory Board, under the chairmanship of its President, is responsible for the basic content and guidelines of the charity.
On behalf of the Supervisory Board and under the chairmanship of the Executive President, the Administrative Council ensures the statutory management of the charity.
Regina Lynch Director of Projects

Regina Lynch
Executive President

Philipp Ozores Secretary General

Philipp Ozores Secretary General

Guido Gröning
Director of Finance and Administration

In the General Council, the presidents of the 23 National Sections advise the foundation and vote on all the significant decisions of the Supervisory Board.

In cooperation with the Ecclesiastical Assistants of the National Sections, the International Ecclesiastical Assistant is responsible for the spiritual life of the foundation.

The General Secretariat in Königstein/Ts. centrally manages the entire funding activities and the financial, technical and administrative needs of the foundation. It supports the National Sections in providing media material and produces press and social media content and sound and video productions.

The 23 National Sections inform the benefactors and the public on the situation and needs of suffering Christians. They initiate prayer campaigns, acquire new donors and are responsible for the foundation’s relations with its benefactors.

Fr. Anton Lässer CP

Father Anton Lässer, CP
Intl. Ecclesiastical Assistant

Marco Mencaglia

Marco Mencaglia 
Director of Projects

Mark von Riedemann Director for Public Affairs and Religious Freedom

Mark von Riedemann
Director for Public Affairs and Religious Freedom