The starting point for our aid is a close dialogue with local churches.

At 31.4%, Africa was once again the priority region for our aid projects in 2023. The situation is particularly dramatic in places where Islamist terror is spreading and Christians are victims of persecution and displacement, such as in Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. At the same time, the number of faithful and vocations to the priesthood and religious orders continues to rise.

The funding volume for the Middle East represented 19.1% of our total aid. The focal points in 2023 continued to be Syria and Lebanon. By providing emergency aid and strengthening pastoral care, our aim is to help ensure the survival of Christian communities and counteract the massive exodus of Christians.

17.3% of our aid was devoted to Asia (including 0.9% for Oceania), where Christians form a minority in most countries and are discriminated against or even persecuted. For example, we increased the level of our aid to Pakistan.

In 2023, we continued to receive a large number of requests for support from Ukraine, where the Church, in the midst of war, is trying to alleviate the spiritual, psychological and material needs of those who have fled and are in need. Therefore, in 2023, 7.4% of our funds went to Ukraine. Our aid for Europe totalled 15.4%.

Latin America accounted for 15.3% of our total aid, as rural exodus, migration, sects and governments hostile to the Church are major challenges here.

Aid granted by region
Middle East
Latin America
Central and Eastern Europe