The YOUCAT Foundation is a subsidiary of ACN. YOUCAT stands for the faith of the Catholic Church, illustratively explained, innovatively presented and officially confirmed. The media of the YOUCAT series ranges from target-group-oriented catechism editions and exciting Bible editions to digital offers, including teaching material and apps. In addition, YOUCAT is present on social media channels.

I entrust you with the YOUCAT for Kids. Never grow tired of asking questions and talking about your faith.

Pope Francis

With this wide range of offers, YOUCAT acts as an important multiplier of the new evangelisation and inspires young Catholics to deepen their faith. But not only young people, also adult catechists and believers are motivated by YOUCAT to actively engage with the faith and to share it with others.

YOUCAT has been around since 2011. 9.2 million copies in more than 70 languages have been distributed worldwide during this time. These include new YOUCAT publications in various languages, such as a faith course in Slovenian, YOUCAT in Turkish, YOUCAT for Kids in Norwegian and DOCAT in Catalan. Children do not miss out when it comes to YOUCAT either. New materials are currently being developed for the YOUCAT for Kids series, which can be downloaded for free from the YOUCAT homepage.

The new YOUCAT Faith Course complements the YOUCAT resources and encourages reflection and discussion about faith.
The new YOUCAT Faith Course complements the YOUCAT resources and encourages reflection and discussion about faith.

In addition to the book series, YOUCAT also supports the ever more crucial dissemination of the Church’s teaching content through free digital offers.

For example, users of the YOUCAT Daily App receive a daily impulse from YOUCAT (“What we believe”) or on social teaching from DOCAT (“What we do”) to accompany the daily Gospel on their smartphone or computer. More than 200,000 young people around the world already use the YOUCAT Daily app. Further digital offers can be found on the website, which recorded nearly 1.5 million visitors

in 2022. One of this year’s top topics on the website is the World Youth Day 2023, for which preparations are currently in full swing. Of course, the YOUCAT media will also report in detail about participation in the event, as well as its dates, themes and highlights.

Various YOUCAT publications.
Various YOUCAT publications.
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