The YOUCAT series stands for the new evangelisation through catechetical means. It is published by YOUCAT Foundation gGmbH, a subsidiary of ACN. Last year, despite difficulties resulting from Covid-19, another 500,000 or so copies were used. The Catholic Youth Catechism has now been around for 10 years and we are pleased that the YOUCAT series has meanwhile reached a circulation of 10 million. With Vietnamese and Korean editions, for example, two more translations were recently launched, so that there are now over 70 translations.

In addition to the book series, YOUCAT also supports the ever more crucial dissemination of the Church’s teaching content through free digital offers. In the YOUCAT Daily App, for example, users receive a daily impulse on their smartphone or computer on the daily Gospel from YOUCAT (“What we believe”) or on the social teaching from DOCAT (“What we do”). In 2021 alone, YOUCAT Daily was accessed over 6.4 million times.

I entrust you with the YOUCAT for Kids. Never grow tired of asking questions and talking about your faith.

Pope Francis

Further digital offerings and all details to the books can be found on Catechetical articles on frequently requested topics of faith, interpretations of the Sunday Gospels or study material for prayer and study groups are enjoying increasing demand. In 2021, the YOUCAT homepage was called up to 1.8 million times.

We are also grateful for having been able to relaunch two new evangelisation initiatives in 2021. After it was not possible in 2020, a small team of YOUCAT missionaries was once again on site at the request of the Lourdes pilgrimage site. And the programme to train young catechists, YOUNG Missio, could also be continued in 2021.

youcat: new evangelisation through catechetical means
Young people from Venezuela during the Covid period.
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