Testimonies of devotion to Saint Joseph

On the occasion of the celebration of the Year of Saint Joseph, proclaimed by Pope Francis from December 2020 until December 2021, the international Catholic charity and pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has gathered a series of reflections, testimonies, and miracles related to this saint by many of its project partners from around the world.

Who is St. Joseph to me?

Celebration of the Year of Saint Joseph, from December 2020 until December 2021

Testimonies of the Servant Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception from Irkutsk, Russia 

“For me personally, when I call on His name, St. Joseph fills me with peace. The house of my heart I hand over to Him as the best watchman. “Here is the key to my house… Lock up my house with your hand and guard its peace…”. This prayer I recite every day and feel safe. It protects me from everything that can be a threat to me and especially to my soul” Sr Hyacintha, SSpS

“When my father died in 2010, Saint Joseph became my father. I talk to Him, trust Him with all my affairs and ask for help every day. I feel that He is by my side. The Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Irkutsk are in charge of the House of Hope, a centre for children from disadvantaged families. When I go there and when I leave after work, I always entrust all the children and the house to Him”  Sr Marcela Moi, SSpS

Servant Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Irkutsk, Russia

“For me, St. Joseph is a great intercessor, to whom I present all situations in life. I always ask him for those who are looking for work and he does not leave me without an answer. Thus, once my nephew had not found a job for a long time and I started a novena in his intention, but before I had finished it, he let me know that he had found a good job.

Speaking of St. Joseph, I should not forget that he helps me daily, I have made sure of that many times. I am old and my feet sometimes let me down, but when I say to him, “Saint Joseph, the children are hungry, I have to make dinner. That immediately makes the pain go away”.

He is an example to me of hard work and silence, without whining when difficult moments come. He did not say a single word in the gospel, and yet he lived a life full of hardships as we do, maybe more. What fascinates me most is his love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was gentle, simple and understanding, for he was human like us – in all aspects, he was a man in love. My gratitude to this saint is very great, especially for the guardianship of the Most Holy Family” Sr. Stanislava, SSpS

Servant Sister of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception praying to St. Joseph

Testimony of the Missionary of St. Francis de Sales from Arusha, Tanzania 

“My devotion to St. Joseph began as a child. Devotion to St. Joseph was very common in our family and parish. We used to recite special prayers in honour of St. Joseph on Wednesdays in our family. Throughout the month of March, special prayers and litany were recited in honour of St. Joseph. It is a custom in our family on the feast day of St. Joseph (March19th), to invite a poor family for dinner and to give them cloths. As a young boy, I used to serve the Holy Mass on Wednesday and participated in the special prayers in honour of St. Joseph at our parish Church. I was so happy to be ordained a priest on a Wednesday, a day dedicated to St. Joseph.

The life of St. Joseph is always inspiring me as he was a just man. He upheld truth in his life. His life of hard work and dedication to the Holy family makes him a model for workers as well as a model for upholding family values. Above all, he was ready to do the will of God. By honouring him, I am always inspired to do God’s will in my ministry and personal life as well as it helps be to stand by truth in the time of crisis and difficulties.”  P. Mathew Thazhathukunnel, MSFS.

Fr. Mathew Thazhathkunnel (on the left side) at the Lumen Christi Institute in Arusha, Tanzania


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