Guinea Bissau: Production and transmission of weekly formative programs of Radio Sol Mansi

This radio station plays an important role in the lives of many in Guinea Bissau. The Church is for many a crucial point of reference and a safe port in this extremely poor and still very unstable country with a high propensity for coup d’états. Radio Sol Mansi, born in 2001 as a community radio, grew quickly to become the national Catholic radio of choice. It is for example the one giving the final election results as other national radios do not have the trust of the population. Through their programmes they work on awareness and fostering interreligious dialogue. Radio Sol Mansi’s Vice-Director Alessandra Bonfanti says they want “to be the radio for peace in Guinea Bissau”, and it is also the presence of the Church in many places of first evangelization, transmitting live Holy Masses, programmes on the Church’s social doctrine in accessible language, and local and international religious news. They reach out to youth and families and society in general with a particular focus on the rural world. The ACN grant is to cover running costs of energy and the production of some special radio programmes.

We know that, while continuing to offer their regular progammes and evangelisation work, as a response to the COVID19 pandemic, they have extended their programming and are providing hygiene information. Sister Alessandra Bonfanti, assistant manager of the radio station, told ACN that they are broadcasting divine services, catechesis and the various hours of prayer: “In the current times, it is our mission to act as ambassadors of hope for a society that fears the pandemic. We have to help keep burning the flames of faith in hope – the hope that the world will return to normal if everyone does his or her part.”

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