Cameroon. Basic support for religious Sisters: “For the love of Christ alone”

What is it like to live on the margins of society? You need to go there to see. These Sisters have already gone there – not to judge, but to understand. Not to tell people what to do, but to roll up their sleeves and help. They are living out the message of mercy. For over 20 years now Dariusza and Regina, both Sisters of Divine Providence, have been living and working in a village in the depths of Cameroon.

All find help in Essiengbot.
All find help in Essiengbot.

The village is called Essiengbot; located in the tropical region itis largely unremarkable. People here scrape a living from what they grow in the fields. But Sister Regina tells us, “We are happy here, among the poor and dispossessed.”

Children of God: Sister Dariusza and one of her little ones.
Children of God: Sister Dariusza and one of her little ones.

This attitude perfectly reflects the motto of their foundress: “For the love of Christ alone”. In this same spirit the Sisters have established an infant school with 305 pupils and a kindergarten with 101 children. They also help with youth work and in the parish, and have organised a sewing circle for women. And who do the people of Essiengbot turn to whenever they need a doctor or have any other problem to solve? To the Sisters, of course, as they can be sure of help and the love of Christ. This is the real treasure, the real power at the heart of Essiengbot. ACN helps the sisters with subsistence support. Do you want to be part of the support?

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