Myanmar: urgent appeal for peace from Cardinal Charles Bo

The Vatican Secretary of State

His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Appeals to Myanmar to Promote Peace


Date: Yangon, March 14, 2021

Her Excellency Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

His Excellency President U Win Myint

His Excellency Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

Venerable Religious Leaders of Myanmar

Civil Society Leaders of Myanmar

Youth of Myanmar


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Myanmar.


As the leaders of the Myanmar Catholic Church we wish you all peace.  We urge all parties in Myanmar to seek peace. Over the last weeks we have undergone great challenges as a nation.  This crisis will not be resolved by bloodshed. Seek peace!

The killings must stop at once. So many have perished.  The blood spilled is not the blood of an enemy.  It is the blood of our own sisters and brothers, our own citizens.   We are a nation of dreams. Our young have been living in hope. Let us not become a nation of senseless disappointment. Stop all killing. Cease from violence. Abandon the path of atrocities. Let all the innocent be released. They are our own people.

Recently the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who is one of the highest Vatican City officials and close to Pope Francis, wrote to re-emphasize the messages of the Pope for Myanmar. He specifically encouraged the Church to involve herself in peace making.

These are the major points of encouragement sent by the Cardinal Petro Parolin:

He repeated the Pope’s fraternal solidarity with all the people of Myanmar. In his own name he spoke of his own feelings of solidarity with the people of Myanmar, and asks me to share that with you.

He again reminded us of Pope Francis’ recent messages.  The first time was in his public address at midday on Sunday 7 February, and the second was the following day speaking with the Diplomats accredited to the Vatican, on 8 February.

Charles BO, Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon.
Charles BO, Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon.

At the Angelus on 7 February, he said:

Serve the common good, promoting social justice and national stability for a harmonious democratic co-existence.”

After this letter was sent, Pope Francis spoke even more urgently on 3 March, to say:

“Ensure that the aspirations of the people of Myanmar are not stifled by violence.”

In his letter, Cardinal Parolin reminded us that during his Myanmar visit in 2017, the Pope met all stakeholders. He holds this country in great affection.  Keeping the Pope’s sentiments in mind, the Cardinal encourages the Myanmar church leaders to meet:

  • His Excellency Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
  • Her Excellency Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Other civil society and  religious leaders
  • Those who are in the civil protests.

The Cardinal asked that the Myanmar Church conveys the Pope’s concern and love for this nation. The Secretary of State also requests that this message be passed on to all the above mentioned stakeholders and urges that we join together in finding the greater good for all, especially in meeting the hopes and ensuring dignity of our younger generation.

Peace is possible; peace is the only way.  The Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, request that the ‘whole Catholic community in Myanmar will spare no efforts in this direction.”

Fortified by the mandate and encouragement of the Vatican, we the Catholic Church commit ourselves, together with all people of good will, to the task of seeing this nation rise up again in mutual understanding and peace.

Thanking you,

Charles BO

Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon,

President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar

President of Asian Catholic Bishops’ Conferences

Patron of Religions for Peace Myanmar and Co-President International

A letter from Cardinal Charles Bo, President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference, with an appeal to Myanmar for peace signed March 14th.


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