Mozambique terrorism. Church wants to be part of the solution, says bishop

In the wake of the murder of an Italian nun, the Bishop of Pemba, where the Islamist insurgency began, says that poverty and corruption are at the root of the problem.

In an interview in Lisbon, Portugal, with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Bishop António Juliasse, of the Mozambican diocese of Pemba, says that the Church is doing what it can to handle the effects of increasing attacks in the north, but that ideally this should be a joint effort, involving different sectors.

“The whole of society has to be involved, and that includes the Church, which can contribute to the promotion of peace and stability for the country. We do what we can to spread love and peace to everyone, and we have been having meetings with other religious leaders, Christians and Muslims. We have not yet been officially approached for cooperation, but we have much to contribute, the Church has experience in this field that could be very useful”, says Bishop António Juliasse.

African bishop
Bishop Antonio Juliasse Ferreira Sandramo

First fight poverty

Until now, the Government’s response to the violence, which has caused close to 4,000 deaths, has been focused on force, but the bishop believes this is not sufficient.

“As we bishops, and other members of civil society, have been saying, the military solution is not the only one, because most of these young terrorists are local boys. Some might come from abroad, but most of them are Mozambican, they come from the villages, they know the terrain. This makes it easy for them to hide, they watch the armed forces and only attack when they are far away”, says Bishop António Juliasse.

The Diocese of Pemba covers most of Cabo Delgado. The northern-most province of Mozambique has been the most badly hit by the violence that began in 2017, but the recent attack in the neighbouring province of Nampula proves that the insurgency is spreading south.

The fight against terrorism, says Bishop Juliasse, should begin by trying to solve rampant poverty and corruption. “We are surrounded by poverty and corruption. The scarce opportunities there are tend to go to a privileged few, who are closer to the decision-making centres. The youth feel this injustice and they rise up against it”.

Bishop Antonio Juliasse Ferreira Sandramo blessing the IDPs in the resettlement of Meculane

A life given to Mozambique

The latest major attack by the Islamic terrorists, who authorities fear may have been infiltrated by the Islamic State, was against the Catholic mission of Chipene. The whole mission was destroyed. Most of the students of the boarding school were away at the time, but an 83-year-old Italian nun was shot in the head.

Bishop Juliasse told ACN that Comboni missionary Sister Maria de Coppi is regarded as a martyr, for a lifetime of dedication to the people of Mozambique. Fortunately, the rest of the missionaries and young  boarders managed to escape safely.

The new outburst of violence in Nampula has caused a wave of refugees, estimated at up to 100,000, which brings the total in the country close to one million, according to the Bishop of Pemba. The needs are overwhelming. “With the current war in Ukraine, many organisations, and even the entire world, have forgotten Cabo Delgado. I want to ask you, please, do not forget us!”, he pleads.

Refugees after the recent attacks in Cabo Deldado province

Thank you ACN

The Church has been doing what it can to help, Bishop Juliasse explains, but outside assistance is needed. “Charity is part of our mission, part of the Gospel. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who cooperate with ACN, donating money for the benefit of the displaced, the malnourished children, who cannot go to school, and of all those who suffered violence and need psychological and social support in Mozambique.”

ACN has been partnering with the local Church in the Muslim-majority north of Mozambique since the beginning of the insurgency, helping it to provide emergency and pastoral assistance to displaced populations.

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