Dem. Rep. Congo: Help for the seminary of Goma

In the 16th of March 2020, Mgr. Willy Ngumbi Ngengele the Bishop of Bukavu and the Rector from the Seminary of Buhimba- Goma, Gabriel Hangi, wrote to ACN asking for help: “Remembering your maternal attention in favour of our seminary, we once more ask for your generosity for the extraordinary subsidies as the financial situation of the seminary is not good. We would like to ask your help to cover a trimester of the costs for the Seminary. This would answer the needs of 49 seminarists, 6 priests, 2 nuns, 2 policemen for the security and some workers, the restoration, house maintenance and the bonus of the personnel in the service of the Seminary. It is our cry of alarm to your maternal heart that helps us in our difficulties.

We are reassured that by gathering our means of self-financing, the support of the Diocese of Goma, the contribution of other dioceses and external students, with the help of God, we can cover the needs of another trimester and thus support the desire of these many young people who want to serve God as priests by serving their brothers in this world which is so much in need of priests.

In the hope that our request will meet with your usual generosity for our seminary and thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are already doing for us. May our prayers match your intentions and those of your benefactors.” Mgr. Willy Ngumbi Ngengele, Bishop of Bukavu and Rector Gabriel Hangi, Seminary of Buhimba- Goma. May we pray for our brothers in Buhimba – Goma in Rep. Dem. Congo, who want to continue to give their life for the service of the Lord. ACN will help the Seminary with 17.150 €.

Facing the Covid 19
In March 2020 the Rector from the seminary, Father Abbot Gabriel Hangi, wrote to ACN sharing how Covid is affecting the reality of Buhimba: “Yes, we’re really in great distress. All our spiritual support at this very serious time that we are going through with this pandemic. Yes, our help is in the Name of the Lord: May He help us. We’re in a lot of pain. The parishes that help us in the seminary are closed (at least the public Masses and all the activities); Our sources of self-financing (the football field and the beach) are closed…. We are confined with seminarians from Bukavu, Uvira, Butembo-Beni, Kindu and Goma. Food prices are only galloping and the future in need of food is not reassuring. May the Lord keep you, protect you and bless you”. Abbot GABRIEL HANGI, Rector of Buhimba Seminary


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