Both Lebanon and Syria, two Biblical countries, are being emptied of their Christian populations, due to the wars and economic crises that have ruined them, plunging families into hunger and misery.

Children in Syria and in Lebanon have no experience of a Christmas as it used to be. It has been a long time since they were able to sit around a Christmas tree and enjoy food and gifts with their families.

Let’s make Christmas a time of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Syria and Lebanon!

These are decisive times for Christianity in the Middle East: faced with war, economic collapse and lack of prospects, many Christians see emigration as the only possible solution. Our help can make a critical difference in their lives.

The “Sharing hope with the Christians in Lebanon and Syria” campaign aims to provide emergency assistance to Christian communities in Syria and Lebanon so that they can stay in their homelands in decent living conditions.


Lebanon is a country hung on the cross, waiting for the light of resurrection. Despite their precarious situation, the Lebanese would love to stay in their country. They are reborn every time from under the ashes.

“At the center, our first need to help the patients that come in is, first, medicines. I know people who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, who go a week without their medication.”

“I cannot say ‘no’ to any poor coming to us. We are trying to be Jesus in our place. The father and the mother, when they work together the money that they are getting, it’s not enough for them to feed the children.”


“We were forced to escape from our village to save ourselves and our children. We still cannot manage our daily necessities. Our lives depend on the help from the Church.”

Children in Syria have lived very tough 10 years. Because of the war, they were deprived of everything. If they wouldn’t go to the Scouts, they would do nothing at home, or do nothing at the streets.

“I prefer to stay in a country with a dire situation and be happy with the love of my life, rather than being a refugee in a stable situation with financial security but be away from her.”


Christians in Lebanon and Syria sometimes feel despondent and tired, they think the world has forgotten them, but they retain a glimmer of hope, because they know we are with them, and that our benefactors are answering the call. The Middle East needs the witness of the Christian faith to maintain harmony in the region, and ACN is committed to keep on supporting the Church there. Your donation will give hope to Christianity in Lebanon and Syria.

Your generous donation will be used for these or similar projects. It will support the pastoral work of Aid to the Church in Need.

Your generous donation will be used for these or similar projects.

It will support the pastoral work of Aid to the Church in Need.

Founded in 1947 as a Catholic aid organisation for war refugees and recognised as a Pontifical Foundation since 2011, Aid to the Church in Need is dedicated to the service of Christians around the world, through information, prayer and action, wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or suffering material need.