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Nepal is marked by its geographical location in the Himalayan mountains. Many different ethnic groups make up the population. The majority of the 30 million inhabitants are Hindus. About 8,000 Catholics form only a tiny minority in the country. The Church in Nepal is poor and dependent on aid from abroad. The pandemic has made their plight even worse. ACN mainly provides material aid to Church representatives.

Despite its minority situation, the Catholic Church in Nepal is still active. But it faces great challenges, for as in its neighbouring country India, the pandemic has also hit Nepal very hard. Even in normal times it is difficult for the local Church to make ends meet financially, but the pandemic has made the situation even worse. Requesting help, the Vicar Apostolic of Nepal, Bishop Paul Simick, wrote to us: “Mass stipends are currently the only means to support our priests in their personal and medical needs and with which they can sometimes carry out small pastoral projects in their parishes. Therefore, if you could help us with Mass stipends, it would be a real blessing.”

Our vicariate is not able to support the priests regularly. Therefore, we are very grateful to ACN.

Bishop Paul Simick, Vicar Apostolic of Nepal
The Church in Nepal: Mass
Father Benjamin celebrating Holy Mass.

In 2021, ACN sent to Nepal Mass stipends totalling 24,000 euros to 31 priests of the vicariate so that they can continue to fulfil their mission in these difficult times. In the year under review, we also helped needy religious sisters and catechists with special aid.