The goal, objectives, and actions set out are those of ACN, which shall seek to work directly with the NRC and the leaders of the three main Christian rites in the Nineveh Plains. In addition, it is necessary to identify other stakeholders relevant to the accomplishment of the goal, and with which the leadership of the three rites and the NRC shall interact.

including Iraqi Christians having fled the ISIS occupation of the Nineveh Plains, whether to other countries or to Erbil or other locations in Iraq.

such as The Chaldean League.

all leaders, priests, sisters, and congregations whose moral and other support is sought by the faithful. They are expected to set the example in returning to the villages and re-opening churches, schools, and clinics.

including the Iraqi Federal Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government, and local governments including local mayors and councils. The Syndaco (local mayor) and his collaborators are responsible for the security of the population (police, fire brigade, etc), for the clean-up of rubble and clearing of explosives, for the reactivation of electricity and water supplies, for the repair of damaged roads, for the reconstruction of most schools and healthcare facilities.

especially those countries clearly interested in the return of refugees and IDPs to the Nineveh Plains – for example the Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the United States. In addition to central governments, cities and regions may be interested, particularly those constituencies which currently host Iraqi refugees.

including the European Union, the United Nations and its agencies (UNHCR, UNHCHR, UNESCO, UNICEF) as well as the Red Cross.

including the Catholic Church, namely the Vatican and various conferences of Bishops; large Catholic charities; non-Catholic NGOs such as Oxfam (reputed for their work in reactivating electricity and water networks) and medical associations.