Support the family pastoral in Sri Lanka

Three decades of conflicts between Tamil and Sinhalese has wounded and divided the local communities. Many families are suffering. With your help, the Family Pastoral of Mannar will be able to provide pastoral care to them.

We promised to help 98 projects for Formation of Laity. We still need 1,114,936.70€

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Sri Lankans are still striving to heal the wounds left in society after almost three decades of civil war. One of the missions of the Church is to promote the reconciliation between Tamil and Sinhalese. Since Christianity assembles peoples from all ethnic groups in the country, to provide the faithful with a deeper understanding of the Gospel and Christian values is a path towards forgiveness and reconciliation. Many families lost their breadwinners during the conflicts. On the one hand it shifted the structure of the families, and on the other, it created several people who depend on others to survive. For that reason, many dioceses have projects for families and young people. Catholics are a minority in the country, they account for approximately 7% of the population. After the terrorist attack, on Easter Sunday, that killed 259 people and left 500 wounded the other priority of the Church became to advocate for interreligious dialogue.


Dolores Suárez, a benefactress from Spain.

“It is our duty to support our brothers and sisters in faith.”

Thomas Heine-Geldern, President of ACN.

“It is important for the spread of the Faith to build with “living stones” which have knowledge of that faith. Only those who not only accept the faith as a gift from God but are also willing to deepen their knowledge of faith, can take part in the necessary dialogue with other religions”

If this project is funded, your gift will be used to support other Christians in Need, for instance, such as these:

The 46 parishes in the diocese of Mannar in Sri Lanka are organizing a program for laity formation. With your help, 200 couples, 124 young people, 240 altar servers, 145 animators, and 100 ministers of the Word will take part.

The diocese of Mannar is divided into two districts: Mannar and Vavuniya. The 89,793 Catholics that belong to the community live in separated areas. With your help, we can support the purchase of a vehicle to enable pastoral care for all.

After the war, the communities of Pontheevukandal and Alwakkai separated. They have two parishes instead of one. But the priest lives temporarily in the sacristy. Your gift will contribute to the construction of a presbytery for him.

As a Pontifical Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need has the mandate to act on behalf of the Church.

“I invite you all, together with ACN, to do everywhere in the world, a work of mercy.”


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