Support the evangelization in Brazil

In the Amazon region, boats are a fundamental means for evangelization and pastoral care because the communities are in the middle of the rainforest. Your support helps to bring the Word of God to the indigenous communities.

We promised to help 79 Transportation Projects. We still need 997,026.06€

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The evangelization in the Amazon region has many challenges. “The central issue is how to reconcile the right to development with the protection of the particular characteristics of indigenous peoples and the environment,” said Pope Francis at the Forum of the Indigenous People. The population of the area is about 34 million inhabitants. More than three million are indigenous who live scattered in the vast territory. A boat is the only mean of transport that permits the priests, religious, and catechists to visit the communities. For instance, ten parishes and 500 communities belong to the diocese of Coari, which is situated on the banks of two rivers in the middle of the forest. “Boats are vital for our pastoral work. Without them our evangelization and pastoral assistance are not possible,” explains Mgr. Marian Marek, bishop of Coari. They requested the support to purchase a boat.


Marian Piatek, bihop of Coari, Brazil

“Here in the Diocese of Coari, in the heart of the Amazon, we work with pleasure even with limited resources. We follow the principle: ‘act as if everything depended on us, trust as if everything depended on God.’”

Fr. Henry Magbity from Sierra Leone.

“Thanks to the vehicle, we can carry out our pastoral work in these widely scattered villages, and also take sick people to the closest hospital, which is 28km away.”

If this project is funded, your gift will be used to support other Christians in Need, for instance, such as these:

There are 600 mission stations in the hilly diocese of Rayagada. The Catechists have the mission to evangelize and empower the people of the community. With your help, we can purchase of 31 bicycles for their pastoral work.

The parish of Makeni has 45 communities with a chapel each, and 44 schools. To carry out the pastoral work, the priest needs a means of transport. With your gift, we can support him to purchase the vehicle and enable him to carry out his mission. 

The diocese of Impfondo is located in an area of difficult access in Congo. To visit the parishes and the communities, the priest needs a new motorcycle. With your help, he will be able to continue his pastoral work.

As a Pontifical Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need has the mandate to act on behalf of the Church.

“I invite you all, together with ACN, to do everywhere in the world, a work of mercy.”


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