Help to rebuild a community in Iraq

After the ISIS occupation in the Nineveh Plains, 363 church properties were damaged or destroyed as well as more than 12,970 Christian houses damaged. Your help is enabling us to carry out the reconstruction project, and the return of the families and rebuilding of communities.

We promised to help 131 Construction Projects. We still need 3,543,331.48€

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Many people left Nineveh Plains in 2014 when ISIS occupied the region. After the liberation, it took two years for the local communities to start to recover. Those who dared to return had to cope with the destruction of their hometowns. About 435 families have returned to Karamles, from the 750 Christian houses that have been damaged, 382 have been rebuilt so far. There is still a lot of work to be done. “We do not know if every family will return to Nineveh Plains, but we must preserve our identity and our history for the sake of the children of the diaspora. Our enduring presence here shall not be compromised,” said Fr. Thabet Yousif. During the occupation, 130 church properties in the region were ruined or destroyed. The revival of Church life is one way of reassuring the faithful and of encouraging them to rebuild their lives. To support the constructions and reconstructions of church properties is not only about renovating the buildings but the communities themselves.


Fr. Thabet Youssef from Karamles, in Iraq.

“ISIS thought they had destroyed the Church and had exterminated the Christian presence in the Nineveh Plains when they burned the churches, smashed the crosses, and wrecked the icons. Indeed, they brought destruction here, but the source of creation and victory lies in Christ, in the cross. That is our faith.”

Fr. Adday Bababa from Karamles, in Iraq.

“Our village is our home. It holds the voices of our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who lived here. Our village is a gift to us. Now that we have the possibility to rebuild it, we should treasure it more strongly than ever before.”

If this project is funded, your gift will be used to support other Christians in Need, for instance, such as these:

The Catholic community in Agartala gathers for prayers and Mass celebration in a mud-walled-chapel which leaks during the rainy season. Your contribution will help them to have dignified conditions to live their faith.

The charism of the contemplative Sisters of Jesus the Eucharist is perpetual adoration. From their cloister monastery in Benin, they intercede for the whole world. With your contribution, we can support the renovation of their monastery.

Eritrea is a poor country struggling to recover from the war with Ethiopia. The religious sisters came as missionaries 80 years ago to provide a good Christian education for girls. With your help, we can support the construction of a much-needed house for them.

As a Pontifical Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need has the mandate to act on behalf of the Church.

“I invite you all, together with ACN, to do everywhere in the world, a work of mercy.”


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