Your kind gift will allow us to finance meaningful projects around the world and make a difference in the lives of many people. Only with your contribution, we can provide spiritual and material support for those who are suffering.

Your gift can also be a gift to a beloved one. Instead of a material gift, make a gift that lasts.

More than 2,000 families in the Valley of Christians need food, clothing, shelter, fuel for the heating, medication, education, and spiritual care. With your help, we hope to supply their basic needs.

Christians in Venezuela are in great need. A Mass celebrated for your intentions supports not only the priests but the entire community. With your offer, you can stand by the Church in Venezuela.

The communism left marks on Cuban society. Teaching the Catholic faith and Christian values to children is giving them hope and human formation. With your help, we can supply 10,000 copies of the New Testament to Havana.

In the Amazon region, boats are a fundamental means for evangelization and pastoral care because the communities are in the middle of the forest. Your support contributes to the evangelization of the indigenes.

After ISIS occupation in Nineveh Plains, 130 church properties were ruined or destroyed and more than 750 Christian houses damaged. Your help will enable us to carry out the reconstruction project, and the return of the families.

Ukrainians need pastoral care because of the hardships of the war and the economic situation. Fortunately, vocations are flourishing in the country. With your help, we can support the formation of 69 seminarians.

Three decades of conflicts between Tamil and Sinhalese wounded and divided the local communities. Many families are suffering. With your help, the Family Pastoral of Mannar will be able to provide pastoral care to them.

There are almost two million refugees and Internally Displaced Persons living in settlements in Uganda. They need spiritual and material support. With your help, we hope to alleviate their suffering.

with your help, we hope to finance

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we cannot do it without you!

This Christmas, let the suffering Christians unwrap your Gift of Faith

ACN provides care to the suffering Christians

For the love of Christ urges us on (2 Co 5,14).

Founded in 1947 as a Catholic aid organization for war refugees and recognized as a Pontifical Foundation since 2011, Aid to the Church in Need is dedicated to the services of suffering Christians around the world.

In 2018, we funded 5,019 projects in 139 countries.

With your help, we hope to continue providing support to those in need.

“I invite you together with Aid to the Church in Need to do works of mercy around the world.” Pope Francis.

As a Pontifical Foundation, Aid to the Church in Need has the mandate to act on behalf of the Church.

“I invite you all, together with ACN, to do everywhere in the world, a work of mercy.”


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