Our activities in Eastern/Western Europe

In 2016, nearly 16 % of our budget was devoted to the Church in Eastern and Western Europe. Over the past decades, our assistance in this region has been characterised by funding for the construction of seminaries, churches, monasteries and rectories. Another important aspect of our work is to support the training of future priests and religious sisters. In 2016, as in 2015, a further focus of our commitment was to support the Church in light of the current refugee crisis.

Above all, we support countries in Europe that suffer from poverty and the consequences of war and where the Church is often threatened with its very survival. These countries primarily include Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Bulgaria. Currently, we can observe the disturbing development of a radicalised Islam in the Balkan region. It is important to stand by the Church in these countries and help strengthen Christians in their faith.

» Like all Christians, we are also pleased about the rapprochement between the Catholic and the Russian Orthodox Churches. «

Meeting of a delegation of the Catholic and the Russian Orthodox Churches with representatives of the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches in Syria

In Russia, we also support the exchange between the Russian Orthodox and the Catholic Church. The historic meeting in 2016 between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in Cuba marks a milestone in the relationship between both denominations.

In 2016, efforts to achieve more dialogue and reconciliation were also the focus of our activities in view of the current refugee situation in Europe.

16.9% of total

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» May the Lord make your prayers and your commitment to the mission of the Church always bring forth more fruit through the world, especially where it is suffering from spiritual and material needs or is discriminated against and persecuted. «

–– Pope Francis

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