Our activities in Middle East

The Middle East, once the cradle of Christianity, has been regarded as the world’s number one trouble spot for many years. Syria and Iraq, in particular, face complete destabilisation, with hundreds of thousands of victims of war and terror, millions of refugees and a largely destroyed infrastructure. Providing help to threatened and distressed Christians in this crisis region is therefore particularly important to us.

Every day, the media show us the consequences of IS violence in Iraq, and a Syria that has been devastated by war. In 2016 in Syria alone, 13.5 million people and a further ten million people in Iraq were dependent upon humanitarian aid. Christians who live here are also threatened each day by violence and persecution. Families live without basic material amenities, not to mention the psychological effects they face.

» Our material aid assures the survival of Christians, and at the same time, encourages them to remain in the Middle East. «

From April 2016 to June 2016 in Iraq alone, ACN supported some 11,800 Christian and non-Christian families from Mosul and Nineveh Plains with financial aid and food

Our support in the Middle East has two main objectives: firstly, to improve the dramatic humanitarian situation of the people due to the war in Syria and the invasion of the IS in Iraq. Secondly, to the furthest extent possible, we are trying to stop the massive exodus of Christians from this region and thus prevent the Christian communities from draining away – ultimately leading to the end of a local Christian presence. The faithful repeatedly tell us that our help gives them the courage and the means to remain in their homeland.
From 2012 to 2016 ACN funded projects in the Middle East amounting a total of 54.7 million € – in 2016 alone 18.3 million €.

22.6% of total

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» May the Lord make your prayers and your commitment to the mission of the Church always bring forth more fruit through the world, especially where it is suffering from spiritual and material needs or is discriminated against and persecuted. «

–– Pope Francis

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