Our activities in Latin America

40 % of all Catholics worldwide now live in Latin America. For this reason, the continent is of paramount importance for the preservation and spread of the faith. Although our support for the Church in Latin America accounts for only 15 % of the total budget, 1,228 requests for support for the Church in Latin American countries were approved in 2016 alone. In many cases, our support strategy follows the principle announced by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, new missionary work on the continent.

Latin America is the continent with most Catholics worldwide. Nevertheless, the Church suffers above all from a loss of Christian life orientation, a decline in religious vocations and a lack of genuine faith among younger generations. In addition, there is widespread growth among Protestant sects that aggressively attack the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.

» We promote Christian education to strengthen the authentic life orientations of the Catholic Church in Latin America. «

Repairs to the roof of the Sainte Cathérine de Sienne d’Arnaud parish church on Haiti, which was destroyed on 05.10.2016 by Hurricane Matthew

Rapid population growth in Latin American countries represents a further problem. The growing number of Catholic believers can only be served by a limited number of priests. One focus of our relief efforts is therefore the formation of seminarians and religion teachers.

Numerous projects are also devoted to reconstruction, including in Haiti, the continent’s poorest country. Although many years have passed since the terrible earthquake in 2010, we continue to support the Church on the island in its efforts to reconstruct church institutions.

Latin America

15.1% of total

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» May the Lord make your prayers and your commitment to the mission of the Church always bring forth more fruit through the world, especially where it is suffering from spiritual and material needs or is discriminated against and persecuted. «

–– Pope Francis

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