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The landlocked country of Zambia in southern Africa is one of the more stable countries of the continent. Nevertheless, there are many problems here, such as great poverty, a poor infrastructure and the spread of AIDS and malaria. Of the country’s 17 million inhabitants, 90% are Christians – the majority being Protestants.

Only a fifth of the population is Catholic. The local Church is very concerned about the lack of young priests and the spread of cults. ACN therefore diligently supports seminaries, the livelihood of priests, the development of the Church infrastructure and the youth ministry. The Church in Zambia urgently needs more priests, above all, to ensure pastoral care of parishes in widespread areas and to stop the spread of cults, which try to entice believers away in places where there are only a few Catholic pastoral workers.

The Church needs true witnesses to the Gospel.

Father J. Mulenga, responsible for seminaries at the Bishops’ Conference of Zambia

For this reason, ACN’s priorities include the formation of priests and the development of the Church infrastructure. With the help of our foundation, for example, the St Augustine seminary in Kabwe could be renovated in 2019.

Sister P. B. Luba was able to complete a language course to begin her missionary work with the help of ACN.
Sister P. B. Luba was able to complete a language course to begin her missionary work with the help of ACN.

In addition, those training priests at seminaries and needy diocesan priests were supported by Mass stipends. This aid is particularly important for the trainers, because they must be available for their seminarians at all times and have no additional sources of income, e.g. from side jobs in the parish. We also feel it is important to promote youth pastoral care. For in a country with such a high rate of AIDS, many teenage pregnancies and broken families, it is important to provide an orientation to the youth and convey Christian values. For this reason, ACN continued to support the provision of books for children’s and youth catechesis in 2019.