to stop the threat of Muslim radicalization in the Philippines

Radicalization affects the lives of both Muslims and Christians

“If there is anything you can do to help us, to bring the attention of the world to what is happening in Marawi right now, or in the relief operations, we would welcome it very much”. – Ms. Edwin de la Pena, Bishop Prelate of Marawi

Radicalization affects the lives of the majority of Muslim population and Christians as well.

Yes, I want to pray for the victims of radical groups in Philippines, and for peace and tolerance between all the religions.

ISIS followers have been waging a campaign of violence terrorizing the City of Malawi.

During the lasts decades, Muslims and Catholics have been working together for the social development and future of their communities in this region of the Philippines.

In the last weeks, Malawi has been suffering the consequences of a violence campaign started by a radical minority, very small but powerful group who claims to identify themselves as ‘ISIS’ – Islamic State – doctrine followers.

This violence has nearly destroyed the city of Marawi, which is inhabited by 95% of Muslims, and 5% of Christians.  Many of this civilian people evacuated the city.

The Catholic Cathedral of Marawi was completely destroyed, and a priest, and nearly a dozen persons kidnapped.  They need your prayers today.

ISIS radicals — the minority of Muslim followers — have infiltrated the Phillipean of the City of Malawi.  They are waging a campaign of violence. They destroyed the Catholic Cathedral of Marawai.  They kidnapped a priest and a dozen others. And they have caused many of the Malawi citizens, who are 95% Muslim, to evacuate. Unimpeded, this group undermines the social development of the city that Muslims and Catholics have worked together for decades to improve in this region of the Philippines. The priest, the people kidnapped, and fleeing citizens need your prayers today.

“Marawi is all ruined, there is destruction everywhere”

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