Guiding principles

Grants towards the purchase a vehicle or other means of transportation are not intended as a gift for the individual recipient, but rather for the parishes, the diocese or the religious congregation that will be served by the vehicle.

Wherever feasible, ACN prefers the purchase of local products in the expectation that it will be easier to find spare parts and repair costs will be less expensive. (By exception, in those African countries, where it is cheaper and more practical to import from overseas, we cooperate with procurement agencies. But the applicant must (be able to) cover the import/customs duties and other local costs.)

ACN treats vehicle purchase grants as a way of supporting the pastoral work of the Church. This means the vehicle must be adequate to the task (local weather and road conditions!). At the same time, the desired model and make of the vehicle should show understanding for the modesty expected of the Church and respect for its institutional credibility.

We expect a contribution from the local Church according to the possibilities of the community.

It is necessary to have the written endorsement of the local ordinary or religious superior. The request must be a pastoral priority in the diocese (religious congregation).

The applicant must justify the urgency of the request with a detailed description of the pastoral situation on the spot. Furthermore we expect information about the number, size and activities of the parishes being served, the distances to be travelled between them and what pastoral benefit a (new) vehicle would bring.

Please note that we consider only complete applications consisting of your written project request, the filled out Vehicle Application Form (or equivalent) and your bishop’s endorsement.

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Fondata nel 1947 come organizzazione Cristiana per aiutare I rifugiati di guerra e riconosciuta come organizzazione papale sin dal 2011, ACN si dedica al servizio dei Cristiani in tutto il mondo, attraverso la diffusione di informazioni, preghiere ed azioni, ovunque essi siano perseguitati od oppressi o abbiano bisogni materiali. ACN aiuta ogni anno con una media di 6000 progetti in circa 150 paesi, grazie a delle donazioni private, dato che la Fondazione non riceve alcun finanziamento pubblico.