Promote the growth of the Church in situations of persecution, extreme poverty, primary or re-evangelization by raising the qualifications of those entrusted with the task of educating future workers in Lord’s vineyard.

Priority recipients

Prospective key personnel and teaching staff: such as seminary professors, novice mistresses and masters, canon lawyers, etc.

Studies considered

Higher university studies (masters and doctoral studies)

Do NOT apply for a scholarship if:

  • You do not have the backing of your local bishop
  • You are a seminarian (your basic studies should be completed first)
  • You want to study something not strictly linked to the Church (non-theological)
  • You have already left your home country
  • You are over 40 years of age
  • You wish to do a language course
  • You have already received a scholarship for the same studies from another source
  • You are incardinated in a diocese of the European Union or North America
  • Your place of work after studying is to be in the European Union or North America

Information for the local bishop/religious superior:

  • We do not cover studies abroad when these are available in your country or continent
  • We do not cover full costs of studies. A local contribution is also needed
  • Travel costs to country of studies will not be covered by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)
  • Language courses will not be covered by ACN
  • We consider at most only one application per Diocese or Religious Province per year for studies in countries of the European Union or Canada

Rules for applying

  1. The application must be addressed directly to:
    Aid to the Church in Need – International
    Postfach 1209,
    D – 61452 Königstein im Taunus (Germany)
  2. The Bishop or religious Superior must lodge the formal request for a scholarship on behalf of the student.

PRESENTATION OF THE APPLICATION (by Bishop or Religious Superior)

  • Argumentation why the diocese or religious congregation needs the qualifications being sought
  • Description of the task the candidate will assume after completing his/her studies


  • Detailed curriculum vitae including the age, date of the priestly Ordination or Final Profession (for religious) and list of pastoral activities carried out by the applicant
  • Photocopy of the BA in Theology (for priests) or other Certificates/Diplomas which allow admission to the Pontifical Universities or other university of choice
  • Certificate of pre-registration
  • Photocopy of the Passport
  • Completed Scholarship Application Form (only for studies in the European Union and Canada)
  • Information about other organisations that you have applied to for a scholarship

Further Information required from applicants from religious congregations:

  1. Address of the Mother House
  2. History of the Congregation with its Abbreviation
  3. Number of Provinces or Communities and their places
  4. Number of perpetual professed members
  5. Number of temporary professed members
  6. Number of novices
  7. Charism and main mission of the Congregation
  8. Current priorities of the Congregation

Downloadable forms:

PER SAPERNE DI PIÙ Aid to the Church in Need, VISITA


Fondata nel 1947 come organizzazione Cristiana per aiutare I rifugiati di guerra e riconosciuta come organizzazione papale sin dal 2011, ACN si dedica al servizio dei Cristiani in tutto il mondo, attraverso la diffusione di informazioni, preghiere ed azioni, ovunque essi siano perseguitati od oppressi o abbiano bisogni materiali. ACN aiuta ogni anno con una media di 6000 progetti in circa 150 paesi, grazie a delle donazioni private, dato che la Fondazione non riceve alcun finanziamento pubblico.