• Send us a note of confirmation as soon as you receive our grant. Explicitly mention the amount received, e.g. EUR 500.
  • Always quote the reference number of your project when reporting on it.
  • Be very strict about using our grant for the exact purpose it was given. This is stated in the title of the project. Only our Project Commission has the authority to modify a project decision.
  • If you encounter unforeseen delays in carrying out your project, inform us immediately. If possible, send an interim report.
  • Once you have used the grant, send us final descriptive and financial reports. They must be in hand-signed hard copy form to allow us to close the project file.
  • Document your reports with copies of receipts, contracts, deeds of purchase, invoices etc.
  • One or two photos that corroborate the correct use of the grant can be added.

In observing these rules you enable us to satisfy auditing requirements, maintain our status as a registered charity and thus, God willing, able to meet tomorrow’s needs of the Church.

PER SAPERNE DI PIÙ Aid to the Church in Need, VISITA


Fondata nel 1947 come organizzazione Cristiana per aiutare I rifugiati di guerra e riconosciuta come organizzazione papale sin dal 2011, ACN si dedica al servizio dei Cristiani in tutto il mondo, attraverso la diffusione di informazioni, preghiere ed azioni, ovunque essi siano perseguitati od oppressi o abbiano bisogni materiali. ACN aiuta ogni anno con una media di 6000 progetti in circa 150 paesi, grazie a delle donazioni private, dato che la Fondazione non riceve alcun finanziamento pubblico.