Back To The Roots

Helping Christians return to their homes

Without outside help,
Christianity is likely to disappear from Iraq

If we now miss the opportunity to help the Iraqi Christians, these families might well decide to leave Iraq forever.
That would be an enormous tragedy.

Until 2014 there had been an unbroken Christian presence in Nineveh stretching back almost to the beginning of Christianity

Claim of Christian Genocide

This is a historic and unrepeatable occasion for the future of Christianity in Iraq

Iraq Karamlesh Village Destruction

Christians in Iraq are of vital importance – historically, politically and culturally.
To help them return home, ACN has promoted the Nineveh Reconstruction Committee (NRC).

Back to the roots: can the Christians return to Nineveh?

Back to the roots: can the Christians return to Nineveh?


ACN commissioned a Damage Assessment Survey to catalogue the level of destruction of almost 13,000 homes as well as the damage to schools, health clinics and religious buildings.


According to another survey carried out by ACN, 41% of displaced Christians in Erbil want to return to their native villages and 46% are considering it.


250 million dollars are needed for the rebuilding of almost 13,000 homes in the Nineveh Plains.


ACN is appealing to the international community for a «Marshall Plan» for Iraq so that thousands of displaced people can return to their homes.


The NRC (Nineveh Reconstruction Committee) was established on 27 March 2017 and it unites the three main Christian Churches in the area (Syriac Orthodox, Syriac Catholic and Chaldean Catholic).


Its objective is to rebuild the homes belonging to the internally displaced Christians who fled their villages in the Nineveh Plains.


In 3 villages in the Nineveh Plains ACN has already begun the reconstruction of the first 105 houses belonging to displaced Christians families.

“I was born in this land and I have lived here all my life. I do not want to leave this land, ever. My faith in Christ gives me the strength to live in this land”

Watch the testimony of a farmer from Qaraqosh

“Christ is our tower of strength that gives us hope. We must persevere, because this is our soil and our heritage.
I am very happy that we have an organisation like ACN at our side.”


Abp Yohanna Petros Mouche, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Mossul

“Our God protected us from ISIS…
I would like to return back because it is our place, our houses, our church, our home”

Watch young Rahma Jacob’s testimony from Erbil

Help Us save christianity in Iraq

With your help, the dream of thousands of Iraqi Christians of returning home can come true




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